Transforming Spaces Since 2005

Since our establishment in October of 2005, Sierra Nevada Landscapes has steadily grown while steadfastly maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service. With a cumulative experience of over 30 years in the landscape industry, founders Jeremy and Jeff bring a wealth of expertise to every project in the Reno-Sparks, and Truckee Meadows area.

backyard landscape with wooden fence, stone patio, furniture, and a stone firepit with bushes and plants

We derive immense satisfaction from witnessing our customers’ joy as they witness their barren backyard’s transformation into a captivating outdoor haven. We take pride in knowing that our creations become spaces cherished as much as the interiors of their homes. Equally rewarding is the process of revitalizing older landscapes, breathing new life and functionality into spaces that align with the homeowner’s desires.

In our maintenance services, we find fulfillment in the relief and contentment our customers experience after a thorough Yard Clean-up or a simple lawn mow. Our services afford them the luxury of relaxation, knowing that their yard is in capable hands. Our dedication to quality service is unwavering, and we continuously stay abreast of industry innovations to offer our customers the finest products available.

One of our proudest achievements is our ability to retain employees in an industry known for its seasonality. This translates to less time spent on retraining and more time devoted to refining techniques and strategies. We stood by our staff throughout the recent pandemic, ensuring their employment even during mandatory shutdowns.

Jeff Hurlbert – Owner
Jeremy Michaud – Owner
Jose ‘Manuel’ Murillo – Manager

Our Core Values

With Sierra Nevada Landscapes, you can trust in our longevity and expertise, with a proven track record since 2005.

Honesty: Providing the best customer service.

Ingenuity: Staying abreast of the latest industry innovations.

Loyalty: Building enduring relationships with employees and clients.

Trust: Fostering a culture of trust with employees and clients.

Accountability: Delivering on our promises.

Quality: Prioritized to ensure the best results

Our Comprehensive Services Include:


  • Front and back yard landscaping
  • Grading and drainage solutions
  • Paver driveways, patios & walkways
  • Artificial Turf Installation
  • Flagstone patios and walkways
  • Retaining walls (up to 3’)- wood or prefabricated block
  • Underground sprinkler systems and drip systems
  • Sod installation
  • Trees and shrubs planting
  • Landscape Bed Coverings (e.g., Decomposed Granite, Soil, Rock, Bark)
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


  • Mowing, trimming, and edging
  • Fertilization for grass and shrub beds
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Weed and debris clean-up
  • Weed control for beds – pre-emergent and post-emergent
  • Sprinkler services (troubleshooting, adjustments, timer setting, maintenance, repairs, and winterizations)